Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not bad to be different.

Hella, readers! I just woke up and since I've nothing to do except for window online shopping, I'm going to update my blog. I haven't taken my breakfast yet but this might might serve as my brekky today. :) Anyway this is my outfit post. I just do it randomly and credits to my brother. :)

Hype it on lookbuk! I named it "Independently Dependent" because it looks like one. Just look at it outside and within. Hope you like my styling! :) Not bad as a late bloomer, isn't it? ;)

Sweatshirt - Love Loca, Aztec Skirt- Bazaar

Detachable collar- Enticing Mishap, Necklace- Tiendesitas, Watch- Mango

                                 Pumps- Pill

That's it! Pardon for the messy hair. I just tried to have a messy fish braid but it turned out really messy. Well, for my outfit, I opted to try something different from my everyday style. I paired up an Aztec- printed skirt to my gold sweatshirt just to give life to my sweatshirt. I also paired it to my killer pumps just to add extra "umph" factor to my out fit. You know, something unique but sophisticated. Then I accessorized it with a detachable collar, a necklace, and ring just to spice up my outfit. And tadaa! By the way, I bought my Detachable collar from Enticing Mishap. Thanks Kaite for being nice to me! :) I really love the collar.

What do you think of my outfit? Comments are well-appreciated! :)

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