Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Mature

 Hello Amigos! :) (Feeling so Mexican, huh!) So, as usual, another fashion post! I styled myself so mature here. It doesn't perfectly suits  my age , but well! :)It's like i'm going to a party, isn't it? But actually, I didn't plan this kind of styling. It just popped into my mind and I just went with it! :) In fact, why not try new get-up once in a while? :)
Hype it on lookbuk!

Top- Greenhills, Skirt- Landmark

Necklace- Ai Fash

Kimono Cover Up- Clothes Sensation

Envelope Cluch- Impulse Co

I love how my kimono cover up compliments my printed top well! :) Sheer on sheer ang peg!

Rings- Thrifted

Shoes- Pill

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Optimist

Hi loves! :) Just to give a break for you guys who are stressed out from the ongoing Impeachment Trial, here's a new blog post for you! :) My blog post for today is kind of funny. I don't know, maybe because of the match up I did with the top and socks. It looks like I'm going to jog! ( Yeah, I do criticize my styling!) But to top it all, I do find this outfit interesting! :)

But , somehow in my opinion, this is wearable in school just bring your rucksack with you then off you go! Unless, you're studying or entering  in a conservative school of course, they might kick your ass when you're caught wearing like this. :))

Top- Cotton On, Shorts- Berry

I accessorized it with a single feather earring to make it look more casual :) 

Feather earring- Maris

Brogues- Cole Vintage

Watch- Mango

Rings- Bazaar

What do you think? Comments are so welcome! :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Basics and Prints

 Hi again everyone! Another fashion post for you guys! :) The one that i'll be blogging today is about what I wore when I watched Anica's play! :) In my greatest opinion (naks!), the play was beyond amazing! Glad,I was also with my other friend, Chelsea, to watch with me so I won't get bored while watching. :) So, let' get straight. Here's what i wore the time:

Sheer top- Landmark, Skirt- thrifted

I took pictures around 6PM, before we went to the event,  that's why it looks pretty dim and grainy. Also, that time, it seems like it's going to rain really hard. 

Blazer- thrifted

Necklace- gift from mom, Watch- Esprit, Ring- Ai fash

Flats- Forever21

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hey, Sweetie!

   Hey, guys! Since end of summer is near, hmm..actually it already ended 'cause of unexpected rains showers these past few days, give me a break to just maximize my vacation by dressing up a "so-summer" look. :) So, here it is! :)

Top and pants- Landmark

Lately, I've been in love with high waist pants because I like how it makes you look slim and tall. :) Glad, Landmark provides good high waist pants. And the thing that made this pants a good buy is that it's way more cheaper than  the other branded pants out there. :) It could really really look expensive depends on how you bring it. :)

Watch- Mango

Brogues- Cole Vintage

The reason why I bought this top is because it looks like a corset! :) It's deceiving when you look at it afar. :)

Rings- Ai Fash

What do you think of my look? Comments are appreciated! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shopping Day!

Hi! Maybe some of you wonder what I wear on a typical shopping day? or better yet, how do I dress? Well, for me, this is the time where I express more of myself :)  Because I don't have to restrict in dressing up.  This is just  random post just so you know, guys! :) So hope you'll like it! :)

Top- Pleaw, Pants-Landmark, Bag-Vintage, Flats- Forever21 Watch-Esprit


Sorry if I don't have face there 'cause it's so hot that time and it's hard to work on your face :) That's it! :)

How do you like my styling?Comments are appreciated! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY: Friendship Bracelet Earphones

Hi Guys! :) I haven't had to update my blog for like a week? or more? I don't know. But congratulate me because I thought of something that could get rid of my boredom.:) Well, let's get back to business. I hosted a DIY last night which is making a Friendship Bracelet Earphones. I first found out this when I read Candy Mag. Yeah, I'm a fan :) You can check it here. Believe me it's way cooler than it is and yummy as well! ;)

Here are the things you'll be needing:

So, here are the steps (courtesy of ) :

1) Choose what color of thread you want. Cut it to your desired length. Then, knot your thread in place.Thereafter, Cross your thread over the earphone cord to form a loop. It will form like the number  4. Slip your thread under the cord and through the loop. Pull thread upward to complete the knot.

2) Keep knotting and switching colors until the entire cord is covered.

I chose pastel colors for my earphones to make it look like a long candy that you can't resist to eat. :)

Already half way there! :)

Looks yummy, right? Hahaha :)

Tadaa! :) I'm done! Can't wait to use my earphone and show it to others. :) Try this and make your simple earphones into an eye-catching earphones. :)

Goodluck! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Basics never gets old.

Here's a new post for my precious readers! :) I styled myself  through wearing basics. We all know that basics never gets old and you can easily play it up with any kinds of clothes in your closet.  Pairing your outfit with a good and over sized blazer makes it more classy and effortless yet fashionable. :)

Blazer- Moi, Tanktop- Forever21, Shorts- American Eagle, Shoes- Pill

Watch- Mango

This is the kind of outfit you can wear from formal to casual.Just pair it up with oxfords and you're ready to go! :)

Oxfords- HDY (Greenhills)

What do you think of my styling? Comments are appreciated! :)) Thanks!