Wednesday, June 6, 2012

College Diaries: New dimension

Lately, I've been quite busy coping up with the new dimension of my  life (college). I need to do some adjustments, but never ever in my hobby which is dressing up! (fashion sin daw ee! Hi Romar!) As of now, i'm still slowly embracing my college life and to like it whether I like it or I like it! (Yeah, 4th year rule! Hi, Sir Bob!) So let's get back to businesssss! The one that i'll be posting is about what I wore yesterday but except the shoes. Changed to flats when I'm about to leave.Here it is:


Top- Bazaar, Pants- Landmark 

Watch- Esprit

Oxfords- HDY

Satchel- (forgot the brand but I bought it online)

Credits to my hot-tempered brother for taking my shots! :))

How do you find this one? Comments are appreciated! :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Layer Weather

Layer weather is here, isn't it? :) Hahaha it's the season for cover-ups, blazers, cardigan and what so ever that could protect you from colds. Hence, I made an outfit connected to it. :) I just pulled a lazy outfit which matches the weather.By the way, this is what I wore  awhile ago when we went for a grocery shopping before school starts. Believe me, it's way too comfy and yet you feel  fasyon! :)

Cardigan- Zara

Top and Flats- People are People

Shorts- Tops & Totes

I'm inlove with the back details of my top though I won't able to tie it up properly 'cause we're really in a hurry that time. :) 

What do you think? Comments are appreciated! :)