Monday, May 28, 2012

Basics and Prints

 Hi again everyone! Another fashion post for you guys! :) The one that i'll be blogging today is about what I wore when I watched Anica's play! :) In my greatest opinion (naks!), the play was beyond amazing! Glad,I was also with my other friend, Chelsea, to watch with me so I won't get bored while watching. :) So, let' get straight. Here's what i wore the time:

Sheer top- Landmark, Skirt- thrifted

I took pictures around 6PM, before we went to the event,  that's why it looks pretty dim and grainy. Also, that time, it seems like it's going to rain really hard. 

Blazer- thrifted

Necklace- gift from mom, Watch- Esprit, Ring- Ai fash

Flats- Forever21

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