Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lost in wonderland

When we went to Amana it already gave me a loop to squeeze in some effort in pulling an outfit. First thing that crossed my mind is that I would surely wear a flower crown on that day and all I have to do is find an outfit that would match it. Here's the picture of the flower crown:

And here's what I wore:


Buttondown- Nava, Skirt- Bubbles

Watch- Swatch

Flower crown- DIY

Lastly, here's my swimming look: 

Bandeau- Landmark, High Waist shorts- United Colors of Benetton
I didn't removed my high waist I think it's not suitable for the place and I still don't have enough guts. (Hehe!)   So, that's it! Hope ya'll had a good summer and enjoyed reading! Cheerio!


  1. Haha. Don't have enough guts, eh? :)) I'm sure you'll those soon. Great combinations with the flower crown. I'm glad that you managed to pull an easy outfit! Two thumbs up, Erika!


    1. Hahaha yeah! Maybe some other time. Actually, I can naman kaso parang hindi lang bagay sa place. Mas keri ko pag sa beach :)Thank youuuu :)

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