Monday, September 24, 2012

Candy Fair 2012

Hi guys! It's been years since I last updated my rotting blog! (kidding, just being sarcastic) So, here it goes. Last Saturday, me and my friends went to Candy Fair and had a blast. It's my first time actually and never expected it to be so much fun though my heels are killing me.Candy cuties are WOW! Bloggers made my day as well. Everyone is told to where neon  but didn't got the chance to buy clothes so I just did mix and match and I hope I pulled it off well.But anyway, here's what I wore:

Sweater- Bought Online ( forgot what the shop is) Skirt-Apartment8
This sweater saved my life! Really :) Glad, I have it.

Connector ring- Oxygen

Bloggers doing their thing! They're so cute together :)

With Lissa Kahayon

With Camille Co

With Kryz Uy

Me and my friends went outside for awhile to take outfit shots and another reason is the event was jampacked and we could barely breathe. We can't stop goofing around, so yeah :)

Here it is, hope you enjoyed reading! Toodles! :) ♥

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